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EMS has been around for decades as a way to strengthen muscles for injury rehab, fitness, and sport performance purposes.  Our brains send electrical signals to our muscles via nerves to tell them to contract and relax, a process EMS devices seek to replicate and manipulate to induce a wide variety of physiological responses.  Some devices are designed to block pain signals from reaching the brains while others seek to increase strength, range of motion, bloodflow, and more.  Check out the FDA website to learn more about EMS device approval.  The device we use, the Axon i-Myo Pro from Globus Corporation, is FDA approved.


The Axon i-Myo Pro allows us to scan and locate the weakest muscles in our bodies.  Those muscles hold us back from realizing our full potential; we really are only as strong as our weakest links!  Most people train by pressing down harder and harder on the gas pedal; more weight, reps, and sets, better nutrition and supplements, and so on.  What they don't realize is that they have the other foot pressing down on the brake.  Imagine how much faster you could go if you took the foot off the brake!  By training with the Axon i-Myo Pro you are simultaneously taking your foot off the brake and pressing down harder on the gas!  The results are unparalled levels of any fitness or performance quality: muscle mass, strength, speed, power, endurance, and functional movement ability.

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