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Welcome to Trautman Fitness

Hi, we're the Trautman's! We opened our gym in September 2015 with the goal of helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all kinds achieve their goals. Dan is the sole trainer and runs all things fitness, performance, and rehab; while Michaela heads nutritional consulting.

Dan has a bachelor's and master's degree in Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach through the

Dan and Michaela Trautman

NSCA. He gained valuable professional experience with UW-L, Stanford, Wisconsin, and the Gatorade Sport Science Institute. A former athlete himself, Dan was a three-sport high school varsity athlete in track, basketball, and football; continuing with football through college at UW-L. Like countless others, Dan suffered several surgery-requiring injuries that limited his playing career and negatively impacted his life for years afterward. Ever since, Dan has made it his mission to continuously learn, create, and implement the best training techniques for his clients. The service he provides is called EMS Training; in which electric muscle stimulation is applied during exercise for fitness, performance, and rehabilitation.

Michaela, a Registered Dietitian, has an extensive background in nutrition. At UW-La Crosse, she double majored in Biology and Exercise Science while minoring in Nutrition. Subsequently, she earned another bachelor's in Dietetics at UW-Madison. Today, as a board certified Registered Dietitian, she works full-time as a PhD student in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition at the University of Wisconsin. With all the fads, gimmicks, misinformation, and pseudo-science out there, Michaela makes nutrition scientifically accurate yet simple and realistic.

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